You are Joshua

sow_seedHave you ever become discouraged (or lacked courage)? Have you needed more strength than you felt you could muster? I can answer these as “yes” and a resounding “yes”.

It gives me such comfort and confidence to know that God has already given you and me the answer for these times. Let’s take a look at Joshua from the Old Testament to see what God has to say to you (yes, you, right now).

Here’s the scene. The Israelites have been delivered from slavery in Egypt through Moses, God’s chosen instrument. The people acted dumb immediately afterwards (don’t point fingers, we’re exactly the same), so they wandered in the desert for a generation. It’s now time to enter the land God promised to them, but Moses has just died. The responsibility for leading God’s people into Canaan therefore belongs to Joshua. He’s overwhelmed.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your circumstances? Keeping up with your college courses? Navigating the dating world and selecting a husband or wife? Raising your children? Caring for your aging parents? Meeting both your career and personal demands? I’ll bet you have. I can answer as “yes” and a resounding “yes”.

Back to Joshua…

After the death of Moses the servant of GOD, GOD spoke to Joshua, Moses’ assistant: “Moses my servant is dead. Get going. Cross this Jordan River, you and all the people. Cross to the country I’m giving to the People of Israel. I’m giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on—just as I promised Moses. From the wilderness and this Lebanon east to the Great River, the Euphrates River—all the Hittite country—and then west to the Great Sea. It’s all yours. All your life, no one will be able to hold out against you. In the same way I was with Moses, I’ll be with you. I won’t give up on you; I won’t leave you. Strength! Courage! (Joshua 1:9 MSG)

Whatever your circumstance, whatever your challenge, God says to get going, take courage, and have strength. He will never quit on you; he will never leave you. This truth, when sown into your heart, will grow into a confidence that cannot be shaken. Plant the seed right now. Believe in your heavenly father. He already believes in you!


About Tony Schmitz

Tony Schmitz received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Temple University in 1993, his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1996, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1999. He is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
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