Pontius Pilate: Me, You, We

Matthew 27 gives the account of Jesus standing in judgment before Pontius Pilate. While the governor had no actual authority over Jesus, this was an important part of Jesus’ resurrection journey.

Here are some important aspects of their exchange. First, Pontius Pilate asks Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?” (verse 11). Second, Pilate attempts to leave the decision to the crowd: “Who do you want me to spare, Jesus Barabbas or Jesus?” (verse 17). Third, Pilate washed his hands before the crowd, saying “I am innocent of this man’s blood” (verse 24).

We tend to stand in pretty harsh judgment of Pilate. He condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion after all. However, take a moment to put yourself in the story. The fact is that we all MUST enter this story. Each of us must decide how we are going to deal with Jesus.

First, you must decide for yourself what you believe about Jesus’ identify. Was He God’s son? Was He the sacrifice for your sins? Second, you cannot leave this decision to your parents’ faith. You cannot leave this decision to your friends. The crowd will not help you. Third, you cannot wash your hands of Jesus.

Here’s the good news. You can have your Pontius Pilate moment right now, right this moment. It’s waiting for you. Jesus is waiting for you. If you are unsure, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He wants nothing more!


About Tony Schmitz

Tony Schmitz received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Temple University in 1993, his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1996, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1999. He is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
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